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    International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN)

    – an organisation composed of consumer protection
    authorities from over 60 countries.

    About ICPEN

    The International Consumer Protection Enforcement Network (ICPEN) is a membership organisation consisting of consumer protection law enforcement authorities from across the globe, established in 1992 with about sixty (60) member countries. .

    Membership to ICPEN is through representation by a National Consumer Protection Agency or National Agency charged with the mandate of Consumer Protection.
    To ensure that this Network is in operation one of the Member organisations is chosen to act as President of the Network for a particular year a position which rotates annually.
    Presidency Functions

    Presidency Functions

    The ICPEN President is expected to hold at least one conference and best practices workshop for Member institutions, Partner and Observer organisations;
    To act as a focal point for information regarding the operation of the Network itself and; to maintain the list of Network contacts and circulate updated versions of key documents on a regular basis, to mention but a few.


    • A High Level Meeting and Conference will be held on 8th to 10th May, 2019 at Avani Victoria Falls Resort in Livingstone town.
    • The ICPEN High Level Meeting and Conference are expected to bring together a maximum of two hundred (200) international delegates from across the globe.

    ICPEN Zambian Presidency Area of Focus

    1. Unfair Trading Practices in the Financial Sector
    2. Consumer Education
    3. Marketing Practices Directed to Children in the Digital World
    4. Consumer Redress and Enforcement
    5. Digital Terms and Conditions
    6. Joint Digital Terminology

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