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    Can a seller have a ‘no refund, no return’ policy?
    Sellers cannot have signs or policies that state ‘no refunds, no return or no exchange’ as they imply it is not possible to get a refund or a replacement under any circumstance even where the seller is at fault when this is not the case. Sellers...
    What if a seller refuses to fix my problem?
    If you approach a seller and they refuse to help – report the matter to the Commission.
    I have a problem with my goods but do not have a receipt? Can the seller refuse to deal with my problem?
    Not necessarily. However, there is need to establish proof of purchase which a seller would ordinarily ask. A receipt though required is not the only valid proof of purchase.
    Do warranties and guarantees expire?
    Your rights last for the amount of time that is reasonable to expect given the cost and quality of the item or any representations made about the item. This means that you may still have rights even after the written warranty or guarantee period...
    Can I get a refund after changing my mind?
    No. There is no provision in the Act that would support such an action and the chances are that you would not get a refund. You may not return the item for a refund if you change your mind and decide that you don’t like or need the goods or...
    Am I entitled to a remedy for a problem?
    If goods or services do not meet a statutory condition or statutory warranty, it is a breach of the contract between consumer and seller. The appropriate remedy will depend on the particular circumstances and may include: repair or replacement of...
    What are my rights when I buy goods that aren’t perfect?
    If your goods have some kind of fault and the seller explained the problem to you before you purchased them, you will not have a right to ask the seller to fix the problem. If there is another problem with the goods then you may be able to ask the...
    Can the seller refer me to the manufacturer and ask that I deal with them directly?
    No. You are free to ask the seller or the manufacturer to deal with you when you have a problem. The seller may send the goods to the manufacturer for diagnosis or repair, but they cannot force you to deal with the manufacturer directly.
    What if I have done something that damaged the goods – can I ask the seller to pay to fix this?
    You have certain obligations in relation to the products you purchase. For example, you cannot ask the seller to fix the problem if you have been careless with the goods or caused the damage. You also may not be entitled to ask the seller to fix...
    In what condition must the goods that I buy be?
    The goods must be of merchantable quality – they must meet a basic level of quality and performance, taking into account their price and description. They also should be free from defects that were not obvious to you at the time of purchase. The...
    How must the Services that I buy be carried out?
    Services must be carried out with due care and skill. Any materials supplied in connection with the services must be reasonably fit for the purpose for which they were supplied. These may not apply if: You insisted on having the service carried out in...
    Are there circumstances where I cannot get a refund?
    Yes, when you; simply change your mind, decide you do not like the goods or have no use for them have discovered you can buy the goods more cheaply elsewhere examined the goods before buying them and ought to have seen any obvious fault had any...
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