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The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (“Commission”) is calling for stakeholder views on the proposed merger involving Huaxin (Hainan) Investment Company Limited (“Huaxin” or the “Acquirer”) and Lafarge Zambia Plc (“Lafarge” or the “Target”).

Huaxin is a limited liability company incorporated in the People’s Republic of China. Lafarge is a public limited company, incorporated under the laws of Zambia and listed on Lusaka Stock Exchange.

The transaction is such that, Huaxin is purchasing 50.10% and 24.90% shares in Lafarge from Pan African Cement Limited and Financière Lafarge SAS respectively. This will culminate in the acquisition by Huaxin of 75% shares in Lafarge.

Therefore in light of the above, all stakeholders with information on the proposed transaction may contact the undersigned or Mrs. Naomi Fulaza – Director of Mergers and Monopolies on telephone; 0211222787/ 222775 or via email to


Mr. Chilufya Sampa

Executive Director

Zambia, New Zealand Win ICPEN Award on Consumer Protection in the Digital Era

Zambia and New Zealand have won this year’s 2nd category of the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN) award which focused on the submission of success stories by ICPEN member countries on “Financial Consumer Protection in the Digital Era.”

The three nominees under the named category were the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) Zambia, Ireland and New Zealand respectively.

During the competition, CCPC virtually presented on the campaign it conducted among 50 schools through the creation of posters which were targeted towards the rural population, financial service providers and financial sector regulators  with the aim of enhancing financial inclusion and capability in the rural areas of Zambia under the Rural Finance Expansion Program (RUFEP).

The posters distributed conveyed tips of messages on full disclosure of financial services, privacy of consumer financial data, financial consumer redress, use of financial products/services, cybercrimes and cyber security as well as awareness on online transactions.

The poster competition and other interventions collectively increased financial consumer awareness especially among rural citizens with evaluations done indicating that;
▪ 98% of the respondents were aware of digital financial services and products. 
▪ 80% felt empowered to make digital financial decisions resulting from the acquisition of information on financial consumer protection in the digital era.
80% indicated that they shared information on financial consumer protection in digital era
▪ 75% indicated that they shared with more than five (5) people. 
▪ 56% of the respondents indicated that they became aware about redress and escalation processes related to digital financial products and services. 
▪ 68% of the respondents indicated that after the initiative they made use of mobile money while;
▪ 20% indicated that they made use of digital financial services in the banking, insurance and pensions sectors. 

The award was during the ICPEN annual conference under the Canadian Presidency which was conducted virtually from 23rd to 24th June 2021. This shows increased confidence in Zambia’s initiatives with regards to financial education by members of the ICPEN community. The ICPEN awards are held once annually and were introduced during the Zambian Presidency in 2018-2019. The awards are meant to acknowledge and celebrate the different initiatives and interventions by member countries in various areas of interest with regards to consumer protection.

Namukolo Kasumpa

Senior Public Relations Officer

CCPC’s Message of Condolences on the Passing of Zambia’s First Republican President

The Board, Management and Staff of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) wish to extend their heartfelt condolences to the Kaunda family and all Zambians on the passing of Zambia’s founding father and 1st Republican President, His Excellency Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda, who passed away on 17th June 2021 after a short illness.

As we celebrate the life of Dr. Kaunda, we recognize his contribution to the independence struggle, not only of Zambia, but Southern Africa and Africa as a whole. He believed that Zambia would not truly be independent if its neighbours were not, and with this resolve he fought for freedom, love and peace. He shall be greatly missed but we are strengthened by the fact that he was a God fearing man and he rests with our Father in heaven.Dr. Kaunda said, “I believe that man must be the servant of a vision which is bigger than himself, that his path is illumined by God’s revelation and that when he shows love towards his fellow men, he is sharing the very life of God;who is love.

We believe that these were his convictions and he lived up to them. We too, would do well to emulate and live by such a great resolve in our individual lives. Only then will we truly remain ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION. May the Soul of our gallant father Rest in Peace.

Mr. Chilufya Sampa

Executive Director



The Commission is currently working on a paper titled “Consumer Financial Education Strategies on How to Identify and Combat Online Scams”. This paper seeks to highlight and share some important information to consumers on online scams and how to identify them pursuant to the Competition and Consumer Protection Act. In view of the above, the Commission seeks your comments/input on the same. Therefore, kindly download the said paper from the url provided. 



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